Not just another website builder

Create clean
high performance

Mame focuses on page size, web standards and search engine optimization. It aims at 100% Lighthouse speed, with only 11 KB CSS and 4 KB JavaScript.

No Vendor lock in

We believe in Open Systems and Open Source.

Mame generates clean HTML websites you can use with any hosting provider.

You can migrate your site away from Mame anytime or stop using the builder.


In opposite to most site builders Mame generates small and super fast websites consisting of only HTML with clean markup, powered by bonsai.css.

Mame aims at a Lighthouse (Google Page Speed) score of 100%.

Free Hosting

Mame offers free* high speed hosting for your website, including Let's Encrypt SSL Encryption, CDN and more..

 You can add Top Level Domains too, just follow the instructions in the builder itself. 

*Up to 200 MB Quota per site and up to three sites in the free version.

Web Standards and Accessibility

Mame focuses on modern web standards and generates clean HTML and CSS. One of Mame's key targets is to generate accessible websites out of the box.


Create sites and pages ultra fast with prebuild section or complete page templates. You can easily create your own templates or share content, like menus or footer between different pages.

Building a site like this in Mame takes you just  seconds.


Offer your site, page or section templates on the store and share it with other users. 

You can either share it for free or even earn money with it by selling it.

Free forever

Mame has a generous free tier, which allows you to create and host three sites, with up to 200 MB storage for images and videos completely for free.

No time limitations, no credit card, just sign up and get started.

So much more

Mame automatically generates favicons, sitemaps, manifests and touch icons.

Get started today for free, just signup at and start creating your first website.


Mame comes with a ton of 3rd party integrations. Deploy to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Digital Ocean directly.

Integrate or Google Analytics just with one click.

Safe, Secure and Free

Free Forever

Mame has a generous free tier allowing you to host up to three websites for free at Mame. (Up to 200 MB Quota per site). You can move your site from Mame any time, we believe in free and open systems without any vendor lock in. 

Hosted in the European Union

All websites and personal data is stored encrypted on servers in the European Union (Frankfort mostly). We don't sell your personal data to anyone. Every website you create in Mame is private by default and is only published when you choose to do so.


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