This page is currently work in progress. Let us know where you need help and which parts of Mame are not feeling intuitive.
  • Pages
  • Design
  • Acessibility
  • Content
  • SEO

General Topics

Create a responsive website

Creating reusable templates


Manage Pages

Edit your 404 error page

Create a Menu between pages

Change the homepage

Design and User Experience

Using Web Fonts

Using Color Gradients

Using Background Videos

Using your website color scheme


Creating WAI compliant pages

Contrast and Visibility

Screen reader testing

Test your accessibility


Learn about the basic general properties

How to quickly copy and paste styles to other elements

Working with the Grid Element (CSS Grid)

Learn how to use the Columns Element

Use Buttons as Tag Cloud

Awesome effects with position sticky

Use the formatted text HTML Editor like a Pro

Search Engine Optimization

Handle and test your Meta-Data

Automatically generate recurring Tags

Create Headings in the correct ordering

Visitor statics with or Google Analytics