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Parts of a Mame Page in the builder


Elements contain the actual content and are added to sections. Sections can hold multiple elements and pages hold multiple sections. Elements are surrounded by a green border in the builder.

There are all kinds of elements for various tasks. Mame contains currently over 40 and you can also create your own ones. From formatted text, over images and videos to form elements. For example this section contains the grid element (splitting content into columns) on it is an image element and an formatted text element.

In the element properties, you configure the element settings and it's CSS properties (font sizes, colors, spacing, borders and anything you like to customize).
Element Control Popup

Editing Elements

Once you mouse over an element in the website builder it is highlighted with a green border. Additionally on the top right of the element the toolbar is shown. To open the element properties you can just usually left click on the element itself or click on the pencil icon in the toolbar. If you prefer a desktop like experience, you can also right click the element and use the context menu. Certain content, like text, is edited directly on the element, the other ones on the sidebar.
  1. Edit the element properties.
  2. Hold your left mouse to drag and drop the element to another place on the page.
  3. Duplicate the element.
  4. Copy the Style (not the content) of the element. Once you copied a style, there is another icon showing on every element toolbar that allows you to paste it. This is quite handy to to copy spacing or border settings from one element to another one.
  5. Delete the element.
The question mark icon opens the help page of the element in a new browser tab (or window). Some elements, like the Grid Element have a plus icon in the toolbar, which is used to add new elements to it.

Available Elements

Accordion Element

Display large text blocks in a condensed manner and save space with collapsible elements. 


Help your users to navigate around your website and to keep the overview. 


Make your website interactive and create call to actions for your website visitors. 


Display a timer counting down the remaining time to a certain date and time. 

Embedded HTML

Advanced Element allowing you to embed custom HTML code directly into the page. 


Get user input. From simple contact forms, over bookings until complex 3rd party API requests. 


Present your pictures in a nice and fast way. Mame automatically generates resized images and thumbs. 


One of the most important elements for layout and aligning items next to each other.  


Add an icon to your content to draw attention and as a lightweight alternative to images.  

Icon Figure

Combine a icon and a figure element for a neat presentation of your content.  


Easily add images to your content and automatically resize them for better performance.

Image Figure

Combine an image and a figure element. Present for example your products, services in a neat way.


Show your Logo image or text in a quick way anywhere.


Guide your visitors to an location or event. The map module used Open Street Maps.


Set up a navigation around your site or to external websites. 

Pricing Tables

Show your services and products in a neat way. 


Divide your content into different sections. 


Present your content in a nice slide show (also called carousel). 


Organize your content in tabs and present it in a condensed manner.


Showcase your clients or customers feedback and build up trust.

Formatted Text

Add formatted text to your site. From bold, over headings, to listings.


Embed a raw video file to your content as HTML Video element. 

YouTube Video

Add YouTube videos to your website in a privacy and performance optimized way. 


Highlight content or build overviews like this one. 


Newspaper like content. A simpler alternative to Grid and Flex in certain cases. 

PayPal Button

Sell products and services or accept donations. Or even add a shopping cart feature to your site.


Use Disqus to add a comment and discussion system to your content.


Add quizzes to your websites. You can choose between single and multiple choice and text input.

Image with Overlay

Create stunning mouse over (or click) effects with images.

Typed Text

Awesome effect to get focus on your headings. Looks like a user would type in the text.
Haven't found a matching one? Let us know, which element you would like to see or build it yourself.

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