Connect your Mame Website to the Outside.

As Mame is currently in Beta, we are looking on your feedback on which 3rd party integrations you want to see. Currently we support a number of popular platforms and services and are working hard on extending the list.

Deployment and Hosting

Amazon Web Services (S3)

Deploy and update your Mame website directly to your AWS S3 bucket with just one click. 

Digital Ocean

You can directly publish and update Mame your website to Digital Ocean.

Software as a Service

Embed Disqus into your website

Disqus allows your visitors to comment on your content. Use the Disqus Element to position and embed the comments on your page. You can moderate and filter them through the discuss admin panel. 

Use Mailchimp for Newsletters and more

Mailchimp is a newsletter and marketing platform. With Mame you can easily embed Mailchimp forms anywhere on your website.

Mapbox Maps

Mame's Map Element uses mapbox. A powerful service to display maps and routes to your visitors. When you host your website on our servers, you don't require an API key, else wise they offer a generous free tier.

Analytics and Visitor Statistics

Plausible is a lightweight and privacy friendly alternative to Google Analytics. It's open source, uses no cookies and is fully compliant with the GDPR.

Google Analytics / Google Tag Manager

The most common web analytics platform offered by Google. Easily track your website visitors and their traffic. Our integration also offers you to anonymize your visitors IP addreses.

Upcoming Integrations

  • Unsplash (Easy browsing and integration of images)

Possible integrations

Let us know your opinion on these.
  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Google Maps
  • Zapier