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Build ultra fast
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with Mame.

Mame is a new drag & drop website builder
with focus on Performance, Web Standards
and SEO.

Discover limitless possibilities

What you see is what you get

You build the website live, with the builder matching the generated website to 100%. No popups, no previews.

Mame Deployment

One Click Deployment and Update

You can host your website for free on our servers or directly deploy to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Digital Ocean..

Custom Elements
Mame brings over 40 different elements, countless section and page templates. But if that is not enough, you can easily create your own.

Web Accessibility

Mame values universality and has accessibility in it's DNA. All our elements follow the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) closely.

Free Forever
Mame offers a generous free tier, allowing you to host up to three sites on Mame. Including SSL encryption, one click updates and tons of other features.

Just 11 KB total
Mame is powered by Bonsai.css, a new and modern utility complete CSS Framework. Thanks to Bonsai, Mame ships sites with only 11 KB CSS and 4 KB JavaScript.

Mame Security

For a better web

Mame websites are plain HTML5, CSS and JavaScript files without any server side language. They don't require any maintenance and are 100% safe. 


Mame comes with an integrated form builder, allowing you to easily create contact, booking and other forms.

An Element for Everything

Mame comes with over 40 elements, for almost every use case. From buttons, over slideshows, maps, tabs, to forms.

Responsive Websites

With Mame you create mobile friendly and optimized sites out of the box. And thanks to the minimal file size, Mame websites not only look great on mobile devices, but also load in milliseconds.

Buy and Offer Templates
You can create a template from every section, page or even site with just one click. These you can offer for free or paid on the Mame Store.

Control every detail

You can easily edit every CSS property, from spacing (padding, margin..), over borders, to animations and hover effects. 

No coding
Mame works completely with Drag and Drop and a WYSIWYG editor. You don't need any HTML or CSS skills. The generated sites are still 100% clean and valid HTML. 

SEO optimized
Mame helps you to create websites that work great for search engines. From meta tags, page titles, thumbnails over Open Graph and Twitter data support. 

You can built your websites in any language you want. Mame supports RTL layouts and Asian languages.

No Vendor lock in

With Mame you generate plain HTML 5 websites, that work with any web provider. We strongly believe in Open Systems and Open Source, you can migrate away from Mame anytime.

Safe and Secure

Mame websites don't require any maintenance or updates. They consist of pure HTML 5, CSS and JavaScript. No server side language needed.

Data security and privacy are a top priority for us. We use SSL everywhere and store data on encrypted hard disks. We are implementing and following the GDPR (European data and privacy regulations) strictly and store data only on servers in the European Union.

P.S. This page is build and deployed with Mame.
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