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Build lightning fast
websites in minutes
with Mame.

Mame is a new no code drag & drop site builder
focused on performance, web standards
and search engine optimization.

Not only another site builder

Everything you need to create professional websites
  • SEO
  • Security
  • Integrations
  • Developers
Visually edit your website
What you see is what you get. No coding knowledge needed.
Just 16 KB total
Thanks to bonsai.css Mame ships with only 11 KB CSS and 5 KB JS.
Adjust every CSS property
You can adjust almost any CSS styling directly from builder.
Responsiveness made easy
Easily adjust your website for different screen sizes.
Clean Code
Mame generates tiny, w3c compliant HTML only.
Accessibility included
Creating fully accessible websites (WAI / Aria) has never been easier.
Templates for all use cases
Don't start from scratch, there are templates for everything.
Download anytime
Mame sites are just HTML, CSS, JavaScript files.
Your Color Scheme
Add and use your corporate colors for the whole website.
Form Builder
Create forms with drag and drop and no code.
An Element for everything
Forms, Accordions, Galleries, Slideshows, Tabs, name it..
Save as Template
Make everything you create a reusable template.
Interactive Elements
Add Maps, Countdowns, Quizzes, PayPal ..
Use Web Fonts
Use any web font or upload your own.
Videos and Media
Add background videos, YouTube Content ..
Media Manager
Organize, edit and reuse  your images and other content ..
Manifest and PWA
Allow your website to be installed to the visitors phone.

Custom Error pages
Show your users awesome looking errors if a page was not found.

Custom HTML and Code
Create your own elements and add any code you need.
One click update
Update and Publish your website with just one click.
100 % Google PageSpeed
Easily score 100% in all categories on Lighthouse.
Mame automatically creates a robots.txt and sitemap.
Meta Titles and Descriptions
The basics of search engine optimization.
Compliant Markup
Mame generates tiny and W3C compliant HTML markup
Structured Data
Make it easy for search engines to crawl your site.
Twitter Cards
Make it easy and beautiful to share your page on twitter.
Open Graph
Add Open Graph tags for Facebook and Co to your site.
Generated Websites are plain HTML, CSS and JavaScript files.
Zero Maintenance
Mame websites don't need any security updates.
We don't share or sell your personal data with anyone.
Hosted in Europe
Our servers are in the European Union (Germany).
We follow the GDPR closely and take privacy serious.
No Vendor Lock-in
You can easily migrate away from Mame.
Power up your site 
Connect Mame and your website to other services.
Disqus Comments
Embed Disqus with just one click into your site.
Create newsletter forms and connect them to Mailchimp.
Maps and Directions
Embed Open Street Map into your site.
Amazon Web Services
Upload your website to AWS S3 with only one click.
Digital Ocean
One click update and publish your site to DO.
Google Analytics
Track your website visitors and their traffic.
The privacy friendly alternative to Google Analytics.
Add your own elements
You can create your own elements with custom markup.
Embed HTML
There's an element to easily append your own HTML code.
Custom CSS
Add your own CSS to a page or whole website.
Custom JavaScript
Append your own JavaScript to the site.
Mame is more
Use Mame to quickly generate clean HTML sites to built on.
API Access
You can use Mame's API to access website content programmatically.
Responsive Websites with Mame
Responsive Web Design

Build Responsive Websites
that look great on all devices.

With Mame it's easy to create accessible websites for desktops, tablets and mobile devices. You have the full control how your content looks on any device. But that's what every site builder promises. Mame does more, it creates ultra-fast websites that load in milliseconds on any device.
Get Started

No Vendor Lock-in

With Mame you generate plain HTML websites, that work on any web server and hosting provider. We strongly believe in Open Systems and Open Source, you can migrate your websites from Mame anytime. More on Vendor Lock-in.

Safe and Secure

Mame websites don't require any maintenance or updates. They are made of only HTML, CSS and JavaScript. No server side language like PHP needed.

Data security and privacy are a top priority for us. We use SSL everywhere and store data on encrypted hard disks. We are implementing and following the GDPR (European data and privacy regulations) strictly and store data only on servers in the European Union.