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Mame 0.3.6 released
 09th September 2021  Yves Hoppe
Today's blog post is not only about the recent 0.3.6 release, but also takes a look on the changes of 0.3.4 and 0.3.5. These updates brought new Elements, like the Quiz Element, tons of user interface improvements and many utilities that make creating websites with Mame even easier.
Mame 0.3.3 released
 27th August 2021  Yves Hoppe
Today's beta update brings a new blog article page template. Just click on read more to see it in action right away. On the other hand 0.3.3 brings an optimized UI with collapsible properties, making it easier to keep the overview even of the most complex website. If you prefer the old style, you can switch back to field-sets in the settings. But that's just the beginning, there's much more.
Mame 0.3.2 released
 22nd August 2021  Yves Hoppe

Mame 0.3.2 released

Time for another huge update focused on user experience and polishing the interface. Today's update brings three major new features, making creating modern and fast websites even more easy.

Major features and changes

Convert Images to WebP
WebP is modern image format developed by Google aiming to replace both JPEG and PNG. Like PNG it offers transparency, but even lossless it uses way less space. But even more important, in opposite to PNG it offers compression support. With compression it typically offers at least 3x smaller file sizes. WebP is supported by all modern browsers, like Google Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari. Learn more about WebP on the official site.

In Mame you can now automatically convert all images you upload to WebP out of the box, just tick the checkbox before uploading your images.

Copy and Paste Styles
You can now copy and paste the style properties of an element or section. This makes it way faster to create similar looking elements. Just right click on the element or section and choose "Copy Style" (or use the control bar), now you can apply the style to as many elements or sections you like.

Two new Section Templates
This update brings also two sample section templates. For one a new sample Header section with a background image and centered text on it and on the other hand one showcasing a breadcrumb element on the left and social icons on the right. (Just like the one on this page below).

Other changes
  • Apply spacing and border to all edges button
  • Social Login with Google, Facebook and GitHub
  • Improved Amazon Web Services Deployment (S3)
  • Better User Profiles
  • Further accessibility upgraded (aria) in the generated websites

For a full list of changes check the Mame Changelog.

Thank you for all the feedback and support during the last months! Please keep testing and report any issues you find.
Mame 03.1.
15th August 2021  Yves Hoppe

Mame 0.3.1 released

The first public beta has been around for some time now and we received a lot of feedback and bug reports. Today's update addresses a lot of those and brings tons of bug-fixes and new features.

Major features and changes

  • New website starter template focused on presenting new products. Featuring slideshows, a clean and modern design and an easy customizable layout.
  • The builder is now multi-lingual, with initial support for English and German. We are looking for translators!
  • First round of hugely improved UI and UX
  • Easier positioning of elements, with easy control of Top, Left, Bottom, Right and Z-Index and sticky positioning
  • Improved mobile menus
  • Cleaner HTML generation with less redundant CSS
  • Tons of element improvements
  • Canonical URLs (including auto-generation)
  • More page overrides
For a full list of changes and updates check the Mame Changelog.

Thank you for all the feedback and support during the last months! Please keep testing and report any issues you find.
Building with Mame Builder
7th June 2021  Yves Hoppe

Public Beta available

We just released the first public Beta for Mame.  Start building awesome and ultra fast websites in minutes. Just head over to and start creating your website for free. We are still working on the documentation and this website itself. Certain sections are still missing, but the first version of the Getting Started Guide should help you find the way around Mame.

If you have any feedback or questions don't hesitate reaching out to us. We are eager hearing from you.

P.S.: The template store is closed for this beta period, but you can already prepare the templates you want to offer on it later.