Not just another website builder

About Mame

What does Mame mean?

Mame Bonsai are very tiny bonsai trees, most are only 2" (5 cm) tall. They are one of the smallest kind of bonsai trees. As Mame builder is using bonsai.css to achieve it's low CSS file size, this name was more then fitting. Mame generates ultra fast and tiny websites, without loosing any functionality or comfort.

Why another website builder?

As developers we were using Content-Management-Systems, like Joomla, WordPress or Drupal for ages. We even developed multiple extensions around and made our living with it. But with full blown CMS solutions creating fast and optimized sites always has been a lot of work. Reaching 100 % Lighthouse performance rating (Google Pagespeed) with a CMS is no fun at all. Additionally most CMS require a server side language, like PHP to display the content. This again leads into a huge maintenance effort, for keeping websites secure you need to install updates for both the server and the software itself fast.

With Mame we go a different way, generating plain HTML, CSS and JavaScript sites. They require no maintenance and can be hosted anywhere without any server side language. There are a lot of static site builders out there, like Gatsby, Hugo, nuxt.js and we used most of them. While awesome for developers to create small sites, everything needs to be coded by yourself. This makes the process of creating and reusing components more painful and you may end up in a copy and paste hell (Don't repeat yourself).

Mame tries to combine the best from both worlds, a Content Management System in the backend, with site, page and section templates to avoid repeating yourself. Meanwhile generating a clean and fast website, consisting of semantic HTML only.

  • Let's face it, creating technical decent websites takes a lot of time
  • Because of this technically most websites are junk, insecure and bloated
  • Most websites don't need a Content Management System (CMS)
  • Web and Content has evolved to Frontend and SaaS

What makes Mame different then?

  • Mame generates extremely lightweight sites. Clean and fast HTML markup, no clutter, no hacks. We aim at a 100% lighthouse score (Google PageSpeed).
  • No Code, Drag & Drop WYSIWYG website editing
  • Don't repeat yourself with Templates on all levels (from sites, over pages to sections)
  • Powered by bonsai.css, a tiny utility complete Open Source CSS framework
  • Just 11 KB of CSS and 5 KB of JavaScript (gzipped)
  • Focus on web standards, page speed and SEO
  • Accessibility out of the Box
  • Progressive Web App and AMP support
  • Easily extensible and focus on non-opinionated choices
  • No JavaScript dependencies (like jQuery)
  • No Vendor Lock-in, migrate and download your website from Mame at any time

P.S.: This site itself is build and deployed with Mame, check the markup, page speed and size.