Containers and Templates for Elements.

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Sections act as containers for elements and are used to structure a page. For example on this page we have a top menu section, a header section with an formatted text element and the image (only visible on large devices), this intro section and so on. 

You can create a reusable templates from sections or even use the same section across multiple pages, like the menu and footer on this page. 

in the section properties, you configure the background (like colors, images and even videos), spacing (padding and margin), borders and f you wish hundreds of other CSS settings.

Section Default Templates

The included templates are samples, you usually start with an empty section and build your own ones.

Empty Section without Elements

Start with an empty section and add Elements to it. This is the to go option for most cases.

Vertical Menu with Logo

A vertical menu with your Logo on the other side (left by default). You can see it in action on top of this page.

Header with centered Text

A section template with a centered text on it. By default it uses a gradient, but you can replace it with images, patterns or even videos backgrounds.

Header with Image Background

Another header sample template, showcasing on how to use background images and headings on it.

Text and Image on the left

A simple section with a grid and a image on the left and text on the right. A good starter for general content. 

Text with Sticky Heading

Showcasing a nice text effect with a heading on the left and the content on the right. The heading stays sticky to the text.

Contact Form

A simple template containing a ready-for-use contact form with some common fields. You can easily add your own form fields and properties. 

Three Icon Figures

A section for presenting content with three column icon figures on a grid. Perfect for category overviews, services or product showcases.

Meet the Team

A section template for presenting your team with a three column image figure.   

Mailchimp Newsletter

A sample section which showcases Mame's form builder for creating a newsletter signup. You can replace Mailchimp with other services, like CleverReach. 

Multi-Column Menu Footer

A section template for setting up a nice multi-column menu with Logo footer 

Blog Entry Teaser

A template based on an figure element with a nice header image and text. Perfectly suited for a blog overview .

Copyright Footer

A simple template for creating a footer with copyright information.

Didn't find a matching one?

The default section templates are mostly showcases for most the most common use-cases. You can always create your own ones in seconds. Also check the store, for free and paid templates. 

P.S.: Let us know, which section templates you would like to see.

Any other Questions?

Don't hesitate to contact us, we are keen to hear your feedback and opinions!