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Mame Website Structure

Page Overview

A Mame website consists of multiple pages (Except you are building a Single Page Website), each representing a unique URL. 

You add sections to a page, which act as containers for the actual content (Elements). Create templates from your pages and reuse them across different sites or just as a starter for other pages.

A page can override global site settings, like colors, typography and meta data.

Default Page Templates

Empty Page

Start with an empty page and add sections and elements to it. This is the most common way to start a page.

Contact Page

A nice contact page with a contact form, help text and other information around your company.

Category Overview

A sample help page overview, perfect as a starter for an overview page of your products, goods and services.

Download Page

A page template suitable for a download page, with tabs and a fitting header.

Imprint (Legal Disclosure)

A template for easily creating a neat imprint page. 

FAQ Page

A template for a frequently asked questions with an accordion.

Blog Article Page

A template for a new blog article including a sticky author information.

Didn't find a matching one?

The page templates are just samples for certain common pages most websites need. You can always create your own page in seconds. Also, check the store, for other free and paid templates.

P.S.: Let us know, which templates you would like to see.

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