Keeping your content in place.

A Container deals with the maximum width of the content and provides equal spacing and dimensions for your content.

What are Containers?

Containers are used for:
  • Common width of sections
  • Common spacing (padding and margin)
  • Centering on large screens

Container Types in Mame

You can set the container width for each section individually. The default is a fixed container (max-width: 1280px) which centers the content in the middle of the screen. It adds dynamic padding and margin on the left and right depending on the screen size.
  • None: No container is added to the section at all
  • Fluid: The container is set to 100% width all the time.
  • Fixed Width: The default one, as explained above.
  • Custom Maximum Width:  Just like the default one, but you can set the maximum width yourself.
The container does not affect background images or videos of the section. These are always 100% width. Use Element backgrounds (for example of a Grid) if you want an background in the width of the container.

Mame Container Sections

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