Embedded HTML

Advanced Element for custom content


Sometimes you want to extend your website with some own HTML. The embedded HTML element gives you the opportunity to do so. This element is for advanced users mostly, as you can break your website or even the site builder for you with it. Please make sure to only paste valid and clean HTML code.

Usage Examples

  • Custom Content from 3rd party sites.
  • Special Markup you can't create with Mame.
  • Your own custom elements, where you need direct control on the markup.


  1. Embedded HTML: The HTML code you want to embed in the site. Please make sure it's valid and clean.
Everything else can be configured and styled with the general properties. 

See it in action

Some custom HTML code in HTML p tags

Interactions and Accessibility

This is completely up to you. 

Generated HTML

<div class="mame-element mame-embed-html">
  <p>Some custom HTML code in <b>HTML p</b> tags</p>

Style / CSS Selectors

.mame-embed-html {
  /* All embedded HTML Element, give it an custom id in the element properties to make styling easier */


Totally up to you, but don't use <script> tags in the HTML markup, but in the site / page properties.

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