Logo Element

Show your Logo anywhere.


The Logo Element is a quick way to show your Logo or logo text (set in the site settings) anywhere.

If you don't have a Logo or none is set the Logo Text is used.

Usage Examples

  • Logo on the Footer.
  • Show your Logo in the top menu
  • ..

Logo Properties

  1. Link to the Homepage: Should the logo element contain a link to the homepage.
Everything else is configured with the common general properties. 

See it in action

Generated HTML (Outline)

<div class="mame-element mame-logo" ..> 
   <a href="/" title="Homepage">
   <img src="..." alt=".." class="mame-logo-img" style="..."></a>

Style / CSS Selectors

.mame-logo {
  /* All logo elements */

.mame-logo-img {
  /* The image element */


Logs are implemented in plain HTML 5 and CSS 3. They don't need any JavaScript to work properly.

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