Amazon Web Services Hosting

Publish your website on S3.

In the builder you can publish and update your Mame Website directly to an Amazon AWS S3 Bucket. Amazon S3, or Simple Storage Service is a static file hosting service provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS). You can use it to host your Mame website, as it's only made of HTML, CSS and JavaScript and you don't need any server side programming languages. You only pay for the storage and traffic you really use. Coupled with Amazon Cloudfront it even offers high-performance hosting world-wide.

Create Security Credentials for Mame

In order to upload the website's files we need an Access Key for API access. Login into your AWS account (or create a new one if you don't have one yet) and choose 'My Security Credentials' in the User menu.

Next create a new access key and store the credentials. Mame needs both, the Access key id and the Secret. 

AWS Security Credentials

Create a S3 Bucket

Now you have to create a new bucket. In the Services menu, choose S3 (In the storage category).. Next click on 'Create Bucket' on the right. In the dialog add a Bucket name, like mame-bucket. Choose the most fitting region for your business (like us-west). If you want your website to be available online right away make sure to un-check all blocking settings.

You could also enable Bucket versioning, for Mame it's not really necessary, but it allows you to switch back to an old version of the website fast. Everything else can be left on default.

AWS S3 Buckets

Publish Your Website from Mame

Great, now you are ready to publish your website. Head over to the Mame Builder and select your site. On the top menu hit 'Publish' and choose 'Deploy to Amazon Web Services (S3)'. In the wizard enter your AWS Access Key Id and Secret and also the AWS Bucket name. Once you are ready click on 'Deploy to S3'.

That's it! Your website will be available in your S3 bucket in some minutes. You'll be notified by email once the upload is done. 

You can update your website files from Mame at any time. Just hit the 'Update live site' button on the top menu.

Deploy Website to Amazon Web Services (S3)