Shared Sections

Same content on different pages.


Sharing content in form of sections between different pages is one of the most useful features of Mame. It can drastically lower the amount of work needed for new pages and allows you to manage large websites with hundreds of pages like this one. For example on the Mame Website there are multiple shared sections, from the top menu, over the footer until the feedback form. 

When you change a shared section on one page, the change is reflected on all pages, as in the end it's just one section displayed on various pages.

Use shared Sections

Shared sections don't require any configuration or setup. Every section of a page you create can be shared. In the create section dialog just choose the "This Site (Shared)" Tab and select the section you want to use from another page.

Once a section is used on multiple pages, deleting will result in only a removal from the page, not a total deletion of the section.

Useful Tips

When you hover over a shared section, you get a shared section menu. With it you can update the screenshot (useful after you changed the layout) and add the section to your favorites. Favorites affect the ordering and are shown first. This is extremely useful for huge pages with hundreds of sections.

Shared Sections in Mame