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The easiest way to host your Mame website

Mame website are only HTML, CSS and JavaScript, so you can host it on any hosting provider and on any web-server in the world. But to make your life even easier, we offer an hosting solution ourselves, which is already integrated into Mame. This way you can deploy and update your website directly from Mame and you don't need to re-upload the website for every change.

Blazing Fast Hosting

Our servers are hosted in the European Union and are highly optimized for websites created by Mame. Time to first byte is lower then 10ms for most places in Europe, giving your website a huge advantage in page load times. The hosting includes free Let's Encrypt SSL encryption for all top-level domains you add to your website. Worldwide CDN support for assets (like icons or CSS) from Mame and daily automated backups of the live website itself (the last seven days are stored). Our servers are targeted at a 99.9% uptime. In the last year we achieved even 100% uptime, check our status page. This website is actually hosted on the same infrastructure, just take a look the Google PageSpeed performance rating.

100% Lighthouse rating

Free Hosting for up to three websites

You can host up to three websites with up to 200 MB Quota (for images, videos etc.) for free. If you need more space or websites you can switch to premium later. You can also move your site away from our hosting any time, we believe in open systems without a vendor lock in. Try it out today!
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