Template Store

Offer and Buy Site, Page and Section templates.

The store is disabled during the first beta period, but you can already start creating templates you want to offer later.
Mame offers an integrated template store in the website builder where you can buy and offer section, page or even site templates. You can offer templates for free or even sell them.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Store

Are the templates secure to use?
Yes, we check every template automatically and manually before publishing them to the store.
Can I offer templates for free?
Yes, we really look forward for all the great templates the community is going to share.
Why do you need my billing information if I want to sell on the store?
Out of legal and tax reasons, as we need you to generate an invoice for us with the amount you receive from us.
How much commission do you charge for selling on the store?
We take 30% commission per sale, as most app stores do. With this we finance the further development of Mame and pay for taxes, transaction and charge fees.. We think this is a fair amount, but tell us what you think.
How do I start selling?
Just head to the builder, complete your billing information and afterwards select the template you want to sell.