Using Media and Content in Mame

Make sure you have the license to use it.

Using Media, like images in Mame

You can find billions of images on the web. But once you are using them on a website usage rights come into play. Only select images that you have confirmed you have the permission to use them on your website according to the license sites. Include appropriate attribution (like the copyright notice) where it is necessary. Mame has no way of knowing if your usage is permitted, it is your responsibility to make sure you are using only licensed media and content.

On the web there are websites that sell so called stock images, like, or If you use their images make sure you obtain a license beforehand and mention them on your page according to their usage policy.

There are also websites that offer freely-usable images. We are using some of their images in our templates too.

A small collection of sites with freely-usable images:

Even though their images are freely-usable, make sure to follow and read their licenses.

Using Media Checklist

  • Before using media and content you found make sure you know who created it and verify that your use is permitted.
  • Check the exact terms stated in the license.
  • Make sure to give creating to the copyright holder / creator if necessary.
  • Make yourself familiar with common content and images licenses, like Royality Free Licenses, the Creative Commons ones, Public Domain ..

Are you a content creator / property holder?

If you came to notice that a website created with Mame is using your content without permissions, please report it to We are going to remove the content and depending on the severity suspend their account.