Freedom of Choice 

With Mame you
don't have to be afraid
of Vendor Lock-in

We value Open Source and Open Systems. You can migrate away 
from Mame anytime and we do our best to make it as easy as possible.

What does vendor lock-in mean?

Vendor lock-in is when a company or a services forces you to continue using their product or makes switching away overly complicated. Many website builder or cloud providers sadly tend to apply this strategy. It's not only a computer science issue, but you probably have experienced it in life also. 

How to prevent vendor lock-in?

In a general sense, try using products that follow open standards. Free standards are not controlled by one company and are most times documented so everyone can develop products for them. For example the HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is a an open standard not controlled by one single company, but by the WHATWG (w3c previously).

How about Mame?

Mame generates websites with only plain HTML, CSS and JavaScript. You can download the whole website any time and switch to another website builder. As we generate clean and semantic markup following the web standards this is as easy as possible.

For CSS we are using bonsai.css Open Source library. The bundled JavaScript code is Open Source and licensed under the MIT license. All parts of Mame websites are free to use outside of Mame. The sample images in our templates are from or So you can even continue using them.

And yes we offer hosting your website, but you have no disadvantage choosing your own hosting provider. You can even directly deploy to Amazon Web Services or Digital Ocean from Mame.

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