Mame 0.3.3
has just arrived

Yves Hoppe
Founder and CEO of Mame. 
Loves clean code and hates
bloated sites. Based in 
Munich, Germany.
— Published on 27 August 2021

Hey everyone, we just released Mame 0.3.3 bringing tons of awesome improvements.

New Blog Article Template

Mame brings a new page template for blog articles. You can see it in action on this site. Tell us what you think and what you like to see improved for the next version.

Disqus Element

Embed the Disqus comment system into your website. You can see it in action below, make sure to leave a comment.

Improved Interface
We optimized the interface of the website builder further. You can choose between the new collapsible properties or the old field-sets in the settings. 

Additionally the builder got sort of a breadcrumb bar on the bottom of the page. Allowing you to faster navigate through the page. Just click on the site, page, section or parent elements identifier to open their properties.

Dark Theme
Yes, the dark theme is finally here. You can switch to it in the builder settings. Please provide feedback on the colors. It's mostly follows the dark darcula color scheme.

API Documentation
Parallel to the update we released the first version of the Mame API documentation for third party developers.

Other changes
As always we fixed a lot of bugs and minor issues. Check the Changelog for a full list of changes.