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Mame Changelog

Mame 0.3.6

Released 6th September 2021

+ Advanced color picker improvements
+ Vertical Style for the Tabs Element
+ Directly edit the (HTML) formatted text of the cookie banner.
+ Blockquote Option for the Formatted Text Editor 
+ Add line clamp option to element style (useful for long text)
+ Various User Interface (UI) improvements and refinements.
+ New and improved code editor for custom CSS and JavaScript.
+ More shortcuts for the builder (Ctrl / CMD + Alt + P -> Create new page, Crtl / CMD + Alt + S -> Create new Section)
+ Add dark grey to default colors
+ Override primary and secondary colors per section
+ Drag and drop images from your file browser to sections (creates an image element with it)
# Improved element and section drag & drop
# Improve referrer policy (Default is now strict-origin-when-cross-origin)
# Fixes in the tab and accordion element
# Improve meta and og tags
# Better Picker for values with units (px, rem, % etc.)
# Improve range sliders and fix a bug with decimal numbers in the input field
# The color picker now contains the site colors to quickly select them
# Fix justify-content in Grid
# Improve breadcrumb home links in preview
# Improve modals and media manager
# Fix last updated at hosting date 
# Improve dark theme
# Improved performance
- Removed initial Mame tour, we are going to replace it with a nicer intro.

Mame 0.3.5

Released 30th August 2021

+ New section template: Sticky Heading with Text. A two column template with a heading on the left and a text on the right. The heading is sticky and follows when scrolling the text.

+ Override certain colors per section (like the link and hover color)
+ You can now toggle between previews for small, medium, large and extra large devices. Check how your site is looking on different screen sizes. You can still use the browser inspector tool. (Which offers far more flexibility)
# Fixed an error showing up when creating headers over multiple lines
# Fix the pricing element spacing and positioning on all devices
# Improved the grid responsiveness with custom values
# Clean up and minor improvements of the site, page and section templates

Mame 0.3.4

Released 29th August 2021
# Fixed a race condition in the dashboard (showing the tour every time)
# Improved a11y even more (Check Lighthouse rating at the front page).
# Quiz improvements
# Fix website colors leaking into the builder at certain settings
# Element Positioning (static, relative, absolute, fixed, sticky ..)

Mame 0.3.3

Released 28th August 2021
Blog Article on the Update

+ New Page Template: Blog Article
+ Add Disqus Element
+ Dark Mode
+ New display option for sidebar properties
+ Breadcrumb like navigation shortcuts on the bottom
# Structured data auto-generation for Logo
# Aria improvements
# Fixed file input for User avatar
# Improve toast messages
# Improve drag and drop preview
# Fix margins in vertical menus
# Countless CSS fixes

Mame 0.3.2

Released 22nd August 2021
+ Two new Section Templates: Header with image background and breadcrumb with social icons on the right
+ Convert images to webP format on upload
+ Copy and Paste Element and Section styles
+ Multiple image upload improvements in the media manager
+ Apply spacing and border to all edges button
+ Improved User profiles
+ Social Login with Google, Facebook and GitHub
+ Delete website templates
# Improved Popup Position on the formatted text editor (HTML)
# Fixed the password recovery method
# Further accessibility (aria) improvements
# First round of design improvements for default section and page templates.
# Improved and faster deployment to Amazon Web Services (S3)
# Fix checkbox color in modals
# Tons of minor fixes

Mame 0.3.1

Released 14th August 2021
+ New Site Template: Product Launch
+ Multi-language support and German translation
+ Show and manage user sessions
+ RGBA support in color picker
+ Even more Icons
+ Generate og:url automatically
+ More display options, like top and z-index
+ Context menu for sections and elements (right click)
+ Getting started tour (1st Version)
# Fix Anchor Links and Picker
# More Aria Improvements
# Improved mobile menu
# Fix button outline
# Improve twitter and og tags
# Fix File Input
# Improved Slideshow and more options
# Override typography and colors per page
# Tons of other minor fixes and improvements

Mame 0.3.0

Released 21st March 2021
+ Improved Canonical URL Settings
+ Base URL for your site
+ Simple Activity View
+ Add section below
# UI and UX Improvements
# Improved Sidebar
# More Editor improvements (Detect parents)
# Minor Fixes and improvements

Special thanks to Guido de Gobbis for testing and giving feedback!

Mame 0.2.9

Released 23rd February 2021
# Easier link creation
# Editor improvements
# UI Improvements

Mame 0.2.8

Released 9th January 2021
+ PayPal Button Element (Donate, Buy, Shopping Cart)
+ New Site Template: Simple Single Page (SPA)
# Improve Drop-down Positioning (Popper)

Mame 0.2.7
Released 8th January 2021
+ Add canonical URLs for pages
# Improved Mobile Menu

Mame 0.2.6

Released 6th January 2021
+ Blog Teaser Section
# Fix alias change of active page
# Fix gallery
# Improved Drag handler

Mame 0.2.5

Released 5th  January  2021
+ User Site Templates
+ and Google Analytics integration
# Cleanup Modals

Mame 0.2.4

Released 4th  January 2021
# Improved aria implementation
# Improved element markup
+ CSS Image Filter (Grayscale, sepia, blur..)
+ Column Element as simpler alternative to Grid

Mame 0.2.3
Released 2nd  January 2021
# Improved aria implementation
# Fix line height
+ Add missing brand icons
+ Advanced Border Settings (top, left, right, bottom separately)
+ Add transformation property

Mame 0.2.2

Released 1st  January 2021
# First Beta version

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