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Mame 0.2.8

Released 09/01/2021
+ PayPal Button Element (Donate, Buy, Shopping Cart)
+ New Site Template: Simple Single Page (SPA)
# Improve Drop-down Positioning (Popper)

Mame 0.2.7
Released 08/01/2021
+ Add canonical URLs for pages
# Improved Mobile Menu

Mame 0.2.6

Released 06/01/2021
+ Blog Teaser Section
# Fix alias change of active page
# Fix gallery
# Improved Drag handler

Mame 0.2.5

Released 05/01/2021
+ User Site Templates
+ and Google Analytics integration
# Cleanup Modals

Mame 0.2.4

Released 04/01/2021
# Improved aria implementation
# Improved element markup
+ CSS Image Filter (Greyscale, sepia, blur..)
+ Column Element as simpler alternative to Grid

Mame 0.2.3
Released 02/01/2021
# Improved aria implementation
# Fix line height
+ Add missing brand icons
+ Advanced Border Settings (top, left, right, bottom separately)
+ Add transformation property

Mame 0.2.2

Released 01/01/2021
# First public Beta version

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