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Search Engine 
Optimization out
of the box

Mame is built with countless SEO tools and optimizations. Mame websites are built with semantically correct and structured code that search engines can easily handle.

Fine-Tune every Search Engine related Setting

Meta Tags

Set meta tags like the meta description, titles or even add custom meta tags to your page. Mame can also auto-generate the meta description based on your page content.

Sitemap and robots.txt

Mame automatically generates the robots.txt and the sitemap for your site. If you want you can customize every entry or exclude pages from search engine indexing.

Alt and Title Tags

Mame makes sure you fill in alt tags for images and other media. This helps making sure your images are indexed by search engines and that your site is working on screen readers (Accessibility). 

Add structured data (

Mame allows you to easily add schema markup to your website, so it's better understood by search engines. Some structured data is even automatically generated, like for the Logo Element or on FAQ pages.

Clean and compliant HTML

Mame generates websites with clean and semantically correct HTML and CSS. Just check this sites HTML code with the W3C validator or manually. It's minified to save some bytes, but  you can use your browser inspector by right clicking on the page and then choose inspect to easier view it. Sites generated with Mame usually score 100% on Performance, Accessibility and SEO on Lighthouse (Google PageSpeed). Lighthouse is built into Chromium based browsers, like Google Chrome or Vivaldi.
100% Lighthouse rating for Mame websites

Host your website on our servers

You can host your Mame website for free (up to three websites with 200 MB Quota each) on our high performance servers. They are highly optimized for Mame websites and  updating them is just one click in the website builder.