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Create ultra-
 and tiny sites 
with Mame

No awful markup, no bloated CSS and JavaScript.
Just clean, compliant and optimized code.

Why does page speed and size matter?

Different kinds of website performance metrics

There is not only one, but many different indicators for website performance you should keep in mind.
  • Time to first byte, also known as initial response time. The duration the server needs to sent the first package of data (usually the requested HTML page).
  • Size of the page (sometimes also called page weight). How many Kilobytes does it take to download the whole page, including images, JavaScript and all other sorts of content.
  • Page Load Time. How long does it take until the full page is loaded including all internal and external files?
  • Page blocking time. How long does it take until the user can interact with the website? 
  • Cumulative Layout Shifts. How long does it take until the layout of the page has stabilized, meaning no more moving  or shifting elements. For example if you load images they can change the layout of the page, if you don't have a width and height set.
  • ..

Page Load Times and time to first byte

With increased load times the probability of a bounce increases exponentially. With a page load time of 1 to 3 seconds the probably is for example 32%. With one of 1 to 6 seconds it's already increased to 106%. 

Just for comparison, this whole page loads with 200-400 ms (Finish time) depending on your location in the world. And that includes 3rd party JavaScript (we use for visitor statistics), one Google Font and images from As this site is only HTML, CSS and JavaScript and there is no server side processing done, the time to first byte is very low too. With an ADSL connection from anywhere in Germany, your time to first byte should be around 10-15 ms.

We created Mame to address this issue.

One of the main reasons we created yet another site builder is to address this performance issue. Most Content Management Systems or site builders create bloated and over-sized websites. Often using hundreds of Kilobytes of JavaScript and CSS frameworks. 

To make things worse most require server side technologies, like PHP, which increases potential security threats, load times and require constant maintenance.

What makes Mame sites different?

Mame creates websites that are made out of HTML, CSS and JavaScript files only. And this without giving up the advantages of a modern CMS, like consistent page layouts, shared menus and footers and all the other benefits you are used to.

But generating only plain html sites is just the beginning, Mame does a lot more for you. It has never been easier to achieve a 100% Lighthouse / Google Page Speed rating.

  • 11 Kilobyte of CSS and 5 KB of JavaScript (Gzipped). Mame uses bonsai.css as CSS Framework. It's open source, super lightweight with just 8 KB, fully responsive and utility complete. The bundled JavaScript of Mame has no dependencies and is written in pure vanilla JavaScript.
  • Optimize and resize images directly on upload. Mame can automatically resize and optimize your images and convert them to modern image formats (webP). The builder also creates thumbnails automatically.
  • Clean, structured and semantic correct HTML. Check the code of this or any other page with the W3C validation service or inspect it manually (Better use the browser inspector tool with right click -> inspect on the page, because the HTML is minified). Mame always makes sure to follow the current web and accessibility (aria) standards. This helps not only with page speed, but also with your ranking on search engines.

Lightning fast hosting

We believe in Open Source and Open Systems, that's why you can download your website and host it anywhere. We even included the option to publish directly with one click to Amazon Web Services (S3) or Digital Ocean. But we also offer a high performance hosting service for your Mame websites on our servers.

It's free for up to three sites with 200 MB Quota each. The web-servers are optimized for Mame sites and common content (like the basic CSS and JavaScript file) are hosted on a world wide content delivery network. More about Mame's hosting ..
100% Lighthouse rating