Build to last

Mame generates high

With Mame you can easily transform your static data to HTML with a no code drag &  drop builder.

Pure Performance

Static websites created with Mame are really tiny and easily achieve the highest lighthouse (Google PageSpeed) ranking. The whole CSS framework Mame is using is only 11 KB in total. It's based on bonsai.css, a open source framework focused on responsibility, lightweight and utility completion.

Same goes for the JavaScript (only 3 KB) and the HTML markup of generated sites. Still Mame manages to be top tier at on-site SEO optimization, aria compliance (accessibility) and meets all web standards.

Learn more about how Mame achieves it's Best-in-Class performance.

Mame Pagebuilder
Mame Pagebuilder

Not only for Developers

We created Mame with the intend to be usable for everyone. For developers, designers, web professionals and even users who are not familiar with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Visually create and edit your website without any coding. 

Most website builders sadly generate messy, non-compliant HTML, with no focus on web standards and no regards to size. That was our top reason to create Mame. Even with all the technology changes in the last decade most static websites in 2022 are still over-sized, slow, insecure and bloated. Mame tries to change that.

No Vendor Lock-in

We believe not only in open standards, but also free choice. The websites you create with Mame consist of only clean HTML, CSS and JavaScript. You can always download your website and continue editing it with another service or even just a text editor (don't do that use an IDE).

Mame websites can be hosted on any web-server with no limitations or pitfalls. The basic version of Mame is free and always is going to stay free. We also value privacy, we don't sell or share any of your personal data.

Mame Pagebuilder
Mame Templates

Don't start from scratch

Mame comes with multiple professional templates you can start building your website with. And if you don't find a matching one you can also check the store where you can get templates offered by other users (free or paid).

Templates are not limited to complete websites. There are also templates for single pages (for example Help Pages, Blogs, Imprints) or even for sections of a page (like Team presentations, Menus, Footers ..).

You can always create your own templates to reuse them on multiple websites or to share them with the community (Free and Paid).

You can find starter templates for corporate websites, product launches, portfolios, single page websites (SPA), education, blogs and a lot of other website categories.